Hot Wing Dictionary

Double Jointed (adj.): Wings that need to be fully cracked to separate the drummie from the wing and also still have the nub attached. Origin, Plugger. Example: "Man Plugger, it looks like the chicken shack moved over to serving double jointed wings, what a waste of time and effort."

Cakesed (adj.): To say you will meet fellow wing lovers at a wing establishment and then
just not show up or be heard from for several days or weeks. Example: " Wow, sure is
great having all of us together at the wing shack. I thought Vanilla was going to show?
It looks like we've been Cakesed."

McManused (adj) - When your muscles are too large to get the wing to your mouth.
Example: I would like to try those wings, but I am too McManused.

Russian Wingette (n) - A high stakes game of chance. Begin with your regular size order
of wings in your usual temperature of choice. Also order ten additional wings of the "Thermonuclear" variety. When the wings get to the table, randomly add the 10 super
hot wings to the rest of the order. Each player/wing lover takes wings at random and
the player at the end of the game who scores the most "thermonuclear" wings has to
buy the next round of wings and beer. Example: Hey Doug, wanna play some Russian Wingette after softball tonight?

Cluckitosis (n) - The condition of having fetid breath the morning after a cluck-off.
Origin: Trena. Example: "Briana’s clukitosis cleared out the lane at this morning's
shoot around."

Bits (n)- The bits be the bits. They are the scrumptious pieces of breading that everyone wants to eat but are too embarrassed.

Winga (n) (Wing-gaa) - The friendly competition of stacking discarded wings on top of
each other on a small "wing plate". The opposite of Jenga, whoever places the wing that causes the growing pile to fall to the table loses and must by the next round of wings.

Nibble Meat (AKA, Extra Tasties) (n) - The little pieces of meat, flesh, and breading that is
left over when your date is to finicky to finish. Good for swabbing up left over sauce. Never let Nibble Meat, or any other piece of a wingie, go to waste.

Cluckbuckie (n) (cluck-buck-eee)- A devout follower of the cluckbucket tribe (junior cluckbuckies are called cluckies or clookies)

Drummie (n) (drum-eee)- The leg like portion of a chicken wing.

Wing (n)- The two boned portion of a chicken wing. Origin: God

Nub (n)- The often discarded portion of the chicken wing found directly opposite the drummie. Often a topic of debate, the nub can serve dual purposes, either providing a way to hold on to your wing or taking up valuable space in a fryer.

Breaded (a)- Chicken wings with breading (duh!) Breading often consists of some sort of flour and milk concoction
Naked (a)- Chicken wings without breading

Wet (a)- Describes Hot Wings with a large amount of sauce on them.

Benchwarmers (n)- A term that can be used for anybody's favorite chicken wing restaurant. Origin: Unknown. Example: Great game tonight team, let's all go up to Benchwarmers For some Wings.
"I love eggs"- Say this phrase at the Iowa Machine Shed and they will bring you as many eggs as you want at no extra cost. PS: This has nothing to do with Hot Wings but is a merely helpful tidbit of information.

Fat - This is a catch all term that can be used to describe butter, oil, lard, extra sides of buffalo sauce, Scott Roth, or Tommy Herr's Mullet (phat). Origin: Unknown. Example: Could I get a side of fat with those wings?

Tossing (v)- No, not what you are thinking you pervert. The art of shaking wings in a large bowl to evenly distribute the buffalo sauce. Origin: Unknown. Example: Briana’s sure is tossing up a great batch of wings for us...

Wing Etiquette- Practicing wing etiquette is the result of consuming an even amount of drummies and wings.

Mullet (n)- A hair style formulated with long hair in the back and considerably shorter hair on the front and sides. The ideal mullet has a 90:10 ratio of back hair to front hair. Many mullets can be found in Hooter's Restaurants located in the Southeast and Midwest portions of the United States. (other terms for a mullet: Business up front - party in the back, Hockey Hair, Kentucky Mud Slide, Wisconsin Waterfall, 90-10, and the 7) Origin: Unknown. Example: The hockey game was actually fun last night because the majority of the people in the crowd were sporting mullets.

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